Past Readers & Vendors

Lance Juniper – tarot


My first exposure with divination was at 9yo when a neighbor gave me a set of the futhark runes (a Northern European divination system) I had been reading books on hands-on healing and was interested in mythology. At 13, I completed a Psychic Development training under Sandy Anastasi of Starchild. Afterward, I began reading readings and healings at local psychic fairs and spiritualist churches. The bulk of my young spiritual learning came from books and running around the woods venerating nature (which I continue to do whenever possible!).
My interest in the interdependence of life, symbolism, the world as alive and with invisible meaning, the heavens, and the earth- have influenced my career and academic studies. I have a Masters in traditional Chinese medicine am a Doctoral candidate in the same from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Starr King School of the Ministry, Berkeley which focuses on regenerative justice in our communities, and counter-oppressive education.
 As a queer healer practicing in a traditional medicine clinic, I aim to create an environment that is harm reduction informed, non-judgmental and inclusive. To me, self-healing and community healing are interrelated. My intent is to put the needs of clients first- meeting them where they are in their path so they can move forward confidently.
I am visiting from Oakland, CA and excited to connect and share with you all!

Denise Chang- Akashic Records


Denise Chang is a modern mystic and intuitive healer. Her offerings include private healing sessions, reading the Akashic Records and sacred women’s circles. Denise is your guide through the Records, as it reveals your soul’s purpose and lessons, traumas to be healed and karmic imprints to be released. She is also a trauma-informed yoga instructor and loves using guided meditations as a tool to connect with your divine nature. Embodying her values of integrity, education and compassion, Denise will help you realize and remember that your true nature is love and all the healing you need from past traumas, self-limiting beliefs and dis-empowerment already resides within you.

IG: @denisedimensional

Emily Ruth – Clairvoyant


Emily Ruth has logged thousands of hours of readings and healings on herself and others, always amazed at the innate ability of the body, mind, and spirit to come back to a natural rhythm and heal.
At a young age she experienced the spirit realm through contact with nature and with energies existing in the physical world without bodies (ghosts). In addition to being highly empathic she has worked with tarot cards, flower essences and plant medicine in her own life as aids to moving through emotional and physical issues. It was not until she began using clairvoyance (seeing energy) that she saw significant changes in her own growth. Over the last few years she’s worked exclusively on healing her life and body with energy healing, yoga, and Ayurveda.
Emily hoaned her abilities at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco and is a Reverend with the Church of Natural Grace.

Erica Howell- cards and mediumship


Erica, a native to San Diego, is pleased to share her well-honed natural gifts. She has spent the last few years immersed in workshops, mentorships, personal study in order to bring her gifts to life. In particular she has delved into occult studies, mediumship, and reiki. Her specialties include: intuitive card readings, aura readings, divination such as mirror scrying, table tipping and the pendulum; clairvoyant evaluations in houses/spaces followed by house blessings are a particular favorite! She connects especially well with children and animal energies/spirits followed by fae and old magick energies.

She is currently working on a personal memoir of her experiences as a young intuitive delved into the world of materialism of Hollywood meshed with her paranormal encounters. For fun she creates candles used for magical, personal purpose. All which are dressed, consecrated and blessed! Her passion in spiritual work has always been prominent, however, it’s been progressing more this especially year and she looks forward to expanding her connections with clients and making friends along the journey.

Chirelle LeTrese- Intuitive Oracle Readings

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I’m Chirelle LeTrese. I’m a badass black, fat, bisexual, intuitive psychic healer, artist, writer, and spiritual guide on a mission to help others find their way. I hold the radical belief that love can transform us all. It is my work to open hearts to remembering the loving nature we are all capable of. I do this through intuitive psychic readings. It is my service for the privilege of living on this wonderful earth.

My psychic abilities allow me to see, hear, know and feel what is needing to be spoken and deliver a message to you from your spirit guides. My goal is to restore lost faith, inspire hope and encourage action. In our sessions, I give clients clarity, confirmation, advice, and suggestions about any personal, professional, familial and spiritual inquiry. I’m committed to doing this work because I want to inspire others to listen to their intuitive selves.

Our spiritual selves are calling out to us. Asking that we return to a deep knowing of ourselves and listen to our inner voice. We can heal our shame and return to an intimate understanding of our soul’s purpose.  We don’t have to live in doubt of our inherent worthiness and unlimited capacity for love. The journey of realizing our true self is available to all of us and I am going to assist those ready to take the leap!


Lisa Allen- Timing Magic


Astrologer, Tarot, Dowser, Timing Expert
Herbalist, Energywork (Cord Cuttings,…)

*Astrologer: Able to offer readings of the immediate to long-term

*Tarot: Analyze specific issues needed now

*Timing: Dowsing is used to pinpoint in the most precise detail possible. Can be other precise information also.

*Healing: Energywork, Flower Essences and even Herbalism can be accessed if needed for desired outcome.

Lisa has been a professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Dowser, Chakra Balancing Teacher and Intuitive Consultant since 2000. She is also a Universal Life Church Reverend and Usui Reiki Master. Wanting more emphasis on healing than divination, she became a Master Herbalist and even a Llewellyn Author in 2007. She also began creating flower remedies with love in 2008 and found that these, along with the usual Bach Flower Essences, provided a deep, profound and effective healing for her clients in a way that was also easy, gentle, inexpensive and even sustainable.


Blayke Gabriella – Animal Totems



Meet Blayke Gabriella, an intuitive healer with 10 years of experience. As a young girl she was taught by a Navajo medicine woman to harness her intuitive abilities and use the animals as guides to help gain a greater understanding of the bigger picture and in turn help others gain that greater understanding as well. If you are seeking insight for a greater purpose or just curious if you are making the right decision in your present moment Blayke can help you. She works with several different decks so clients have the option of picking what energy draws them in most. Her lighthearted gentle tone and energy allows you to feel safe and open during your reading, as well as offering magical energy balancing creations to aid you after your reading from her handmade shop Cosmic Crafts. Begin your healing with her today.

Jasmine C.  Dyjack


Jasmine C. Dyjak
As a child, Jasmine was lucky to grow up in the mountains of Southern California, in a place called Pine Valley. Since then she has followed a longing for what is wild, what is Divine, and what is healing. What makes us human? Why do we find ourselves stuck in patterns of behaviors or relationships? With over 5 years of experience, Jasmine has been offering healing, counseling and oracle readings. Furthermore, Jasmine is a budding healer and leader in the community.
Jasmine obtained her Masters’ degree in Social Work from San Diego State University in 2015, with emphasis in sociology, psychology, and public mental health. She is greatly influenced by Jungian philosophy, postmodern and cognitive psychological theories, which inform how she explores the unconscious world. Along with formal training, she is also strongly rooted in indigenous healing traditions, and has a profound spiritual connection. With compassion, she offers a safe space where one can remember their innate divinity, inner sovereignty, and wise and knowing nature.

Marcus Keys-  Key magic


Born and raised in San Diego, Marcus Keys has been providing reading and other spiritual services for more than a decade. He is currently a student of the Anderson Feri Witchcraft Tradition with Tommie Starchild and an apprentice of the Faery Seership with Orion Foxwood. Marcus currently works his magic at Blackbird in La Mesa and uses keys and other curios for Divination and magic.

Cosmic Crafts- Handmade Magic


CosmiCrafts creates energy healing orgone to fight against the harmful EMF waves produced by GWEN Towers, WiFi, cell phones and everyday electronics.

We only use the highest quality ingredients when it comes to our products especially Orgone because we want it to actually enhance your day to day experience. Orgone that just looks pretty isn’t what we are about. We use our “Mega Metal” blend that contains Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Steel,Iron Oxide, Magnesium Sulfate, Shugnite Chips, and Copper powder. Combining our metals with various crystals to aid in neutralizing the negative frequencies around you. You can always count on CosmiCrafts for highly effective products that truly aid in balancing and harmonizing your life. Although our main goal is to help others help the earth we do craft other magical creations such as Wands, Mojo Bags, incense, jewelry and vegan all natural soap, bath bombs and bubble bars.

Kamali Crystals


Kayma Englund is a certified Crystal Healer (through Melody’s Master of Crystology Program), Reiki Master/Teacher and the owner and founder of Kamali Crystals – a Crystal Shop and Healing Space in Carlsbad Village, California. Her love for crystals started from a young age and through a sequence of serendipitous events, including time spent assisting the miner of rare crystal Auralite 23, it was clear sharing crystals with the world was meantto be her devoted path. Kayma has led multiple trainings and workshops across the US in the field of subtle energetics and is passionate about making this information digestible and accessible to all. She also prides her no online or bulk ordering policy, ensuring great quality and energy in each Kamali Crystal.

Visit or reach out to learn more.


Intuitively Crafted


A native of San Diego, Jenny-Marie has had close connections to the spirits of nature since she was a young child. These spirits, sometimes called fairies, elementals, and many other names, are the intelligences within the land whose continuous efforts and presence cause all processes in nature to occur. They have served as powerful allies, along with her guides and angels, throughout her life. Coupled with her natural empathic abilities, this team of helpers assist in her ability to connect compassionately with others and assist in their growth in a way that is fluid and intuitively guided. She uses her knowledge of the plant kingdom, specifically essential oils and flower essences, along with her deep connections to the intelligences of nature to intuitively craft blends and “tool kits” to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of individuals. She calls this work Intuitively Crafted by Jenny-Marie. Jenny-Marie is also a professional pipe organist, pianist, and composer/arranger. She has studied Reiki, crystal healing, various forms of sound healing, herbology, Kriya yoga, and is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner.


Goddess Breath

The Goddesses of Goddess Breath Blends roll up and infold you into the smells of mother nature through their all herbal sacred smokeables and tea.
Each blend is created and infused with intention for a specific healing activation.
We will be rolling samples, giving away free tea sips and selling tins of loose leaf and prerolls.


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