The excitement is building!

Wow! What an amazing journey this has been. The event keeps shifting and improving. For one- I keep running into these amazing local authors. After around the third one I talked to, it became clear that we need to have a mini-bookstore filled with the authors I know in real life, and there friends. So be on the lookout for a selection of book – from fiction, to true life stores, to metaphysical and spiritual topics.

Many of the readers have exciting events that they are running all over San Diego county and beyond! From goddess circles to more intimate fairs, classes, all sorts of ways to keep the magic going until the next we gather. There are just so many amazing and magical happenings going on.  So be on the lookout for the Keep the Magic going table on your way out where we will be posting flyers. There is also a growing group on Facebook where some of our readers will be posting about upcoming events: San Diego Psychic Fair

You can also sign up for my very lazy email list to stay on top of House of Kellen events on my website.

Very lazy as in- I only send out updates about every other month max.

We are also still looking for a couple of super amazing volunteers to make this run smoothly. Awesome bonuses will be given in the form of discounts from selected vendors and readers.

Back to the fair- I have been outlining the next two. February we will have readers focused on finding and keeping love! I’ll be doing by break-up special, I have a knack for helping people let go of exes and find a way to not date the same type again. We will have astrologers who can compare charts for compatibility, talks on gender roles and how to move past them. I’ll be searching for workshops that help you play and open up around sexuality. So all aspects of love and relationship can be addressed. The spring or summer one will focus on Gods and Goddesses. A fun exploration of mythology and how it has shaped us. The timing on that one will depend on my travel schedule. (There are lots of classes I am taking in pursuit of my Masters of ThetaHealing)

Because of the themes of the different events, we will be rotating between readers each time to bring you the people best suited for the events topic. So you will always have something new to discover.

So who is running this show anyway?

So the universe has called me back to San Diego, in all my  travels it is the only place I have ever moved back to after moving away.  I  moved here originally in order to peruse my healing arts, but got quite distracted by the other arts. I ended up starting a theater company and painting a lot. After getting burnt out trying to do everything;  theater, art, tarot and rune readings, full time job, and trying to have a social life- I retreated to Oakland where I entered a period of intense metaphysical studies. I dusted off lessons from training with a Nordic Shaman back in Ohio, ran a daily rune blog, did thousands of Tarot readings at several events around the Bay area, and continued to study every day.  It was an amazing period, and I loved being in Oakland, but when my father passed,  I realized that the friends that I had made in my theatre days in San Diego were closer to me then my biological sisters, so I returned to where my heart and my home really is.

But the Bay Are had spoiled me. I gotten used to being surrounded by a diverse group of open minded healers that supported each other. There are amazing healers of all kinds here in San Diego and I hope to find them, and bring them together so you can find them!  There are so many different components to healing, so its great to bring together the different types of healing.

I look forward to seeing you all there! Be on the look out for other blogs as things progress.



Marie Miller

House Of Kellen