Go Team! Next fair is April 25th

So, as some people know- I moved to Ohio, but I am still dedicated to growing the psychic community in San Diego. I am blessed to have found an amazing team to help keep this project going and growing! My wonderful team has found a lovely warehouse near downtown- close to public transportation and with plenty of space! I will be there to run the event, but won’t read, as technically, I am no longer a local.

The theme is Gods and Goddesses- putting together some informative workshops where you can learn about deities from all over the world. There may be some activations offered, different meditations to meet deities, all will be announced soon as they come together.

So far we have a nice group of readers building, but there is room for more! Applications are being accepted through the end of March – or until we are full. Defiantly on the lookout for new vendors- so if  you make crystal crowns, goddess attire, art, or really anything that you feel fits the overall tone of the event – please come show off your wares! Follow this link for more info on being a reader or vendor

New this round: there will be about 3 paid events in the same space in the evening, starting around 7:30. One will be a sound healing/ Thetahealing journey, another is still in the works, and then we will do a journey dance, followed by a open dance to continue the magic. Stay tuned the facebook event to hear more as details emerge.

Also, we rely on volunteers to make all of this run smoothly, so if you are calm in the midst of chaos and want the appreciation and maybe a free reading or two-  follow this link to get on our volunteer list! 

Tickets are live on Eventbrite! Again the event is free to attend- though we are asking for donations to help keep it that way- and to give a little something to the wonderful teachers who donate time to teach workshops- maybe give the volunteers some lunch money and cover their parking. If you feel called to chip in, send any amount you feel called through paypal to sandiegopsychicfair@gmail.com

Wow, it was a long a break..

And now things are happening so fast! Sorry dear readers to have not given you more of a heads up.

But it is happening this Saturday 12-6pm at the WorldBeat Center! All the winged things. my team is brining us some amazing workshops! Tickets here

I was out of town doing some serious study, and hit the ground running with me team to put this event together.

We have some amazing talent! There will be familiar faces from last time and lots of new ones. I am especially happy with how we have been able to expand the marketplace!

More importantly – we have a new space that may become out new home! If it works out we will be able to set the schedule way in advance, and will help the flow of things. Plus-free parking, on a bus route, vegan café, handicap accessible, and room to grow the event! We will have  kid’s corner with silly games!

There ara a few more possible tricks up our sleeves as we grow this thing. Keep your eyes here for updates.



This is just the beginning!

The crew has been coming together naturally and boy are they full of great ideas!

We are adding a raffle of things donated by the readers and a painting by yours truly.  You can choose to go for a physical or an energetic gift. We have plenty of each.

There will also be a crafting station where you can make valentines for your sweetie or for your friends.

We will have 3 more fairs in 2019, here are the themes:

Spring- Gods and Goddesses, we will explore world mythology and help you find your inner deity.

Summer- All the Winged Things, Dragons and Angels and Fairies, Oh My!!

Fall: Ancestral Healing- featuring healers who work with the ancestors and group healing.

best way to stay tuned, either to come and play or to be a part of this is to follow this blog, or follow me on facebook.

It’s all happening so fast!

But when it’s right…

Only a few weeks away from the second San Diego Psychic Fair!

So excited to bring you all the love!

We are expanding and bringing in a few more readers.  Some of us will be doing specialty readings based on the theme of love. So if you want to know when you will meet your love, need to let go of old love,  if you are a good match, and many other questions- we can help!

Check out the donation based workshops- free to attend but if you are moved by the speaker show some love with a bit of cash. 🙂  We will be covering topics like self love, gender roles, self healing with crystals, and of course, soul mates!

I was hoping to change venues, but it was not in the stars. So we will be back on the 3rd floor of the Brokers’ Building. And again, there will  be lots of art.

So get your tickets now, and take a look at the readers. Once again, most are from right here in San Diego county, so if your favorite one books up quickly- don’t despair! They will be be in the area.



Guidelines and metrics for readers and vendors

We are off and running again!

Some of the readers will be returning, and I will try to always have a few fresh readers each time. The focus is on finding great readers and healers who live and work in San Diego County. That way, you can always come see them between events, or even go to some of the amazing classes and smaller events that are happening almost weekly.

There are a few things I look for. It’s not just who you trained with or how long you have been reading. Though, some experience is needed to read for a full day.

What I look for in a reader:

  • First, ability to do a comprehensive reading.
  • Is there something unique? Is the motility a bit different from the other readers?
  • Being able to work on a team. We will all be reading in the same room. So if you can’t read with others around, this event may not work for you.
  • Is the information presented in a way that is useful to the client. Also, is the reader keeping focused on the client’s needs and choices without interjecting their morals or life experience into the situation.
  • Professionalism. That is why I first ask for social media links. Not to see how many fans you have, just how seriously you take the work. This event is intended to promote readers that are looking to expand their client base.
  • San Diego county readers are given preference, we want people to be able to see you on a regular basis after the event is over.
  • Booth fee $125 payable in advance
  • Apply here just fill out the form & click submit!

What I look for in a vendor:

  • Again- a degree of professionalism- are you passionate & trying to grow your business?
  • Is it unique? Since the marketplace is still a smaller part of the fair, we only have room for one of each type of vendor.
  • Did you make it yourself?
  • High vibration. Do you products bring joy and healing?
  • Or- does it fit in with the theme?
  • Vendor fee is $150 due when you are confrimed
  • Apply here

For everyone:

I strive to make sure that anyone who walks into this event feels like they are welcome and that their culture is being respected. So- it’s great that you may be “inspired by” or really “drawn to” another culture’s healing, art, medicine, etc. But if your representation would cause any discomfort if seen by a member of that culture (especially if said culture has been historically oppressed) – then it’s best that you not apply.

Do not expect to hear back from me if you leave a comment on this blog. The directions to apply are above.