This is just the beginning!

The crew has been coming together naturally and boy are they full of great ideas!

We are adding a raffle of things donated by the readers and a painting by yours truly.  You can choose to go for a physical or an energetic gift. We have plenty of each.

There will also be a crafting station where you can make valentines for your sweetie or for your friends.

We will have 3 more fairs in 2019, here are the themes:

Spring- Gods and Goddesses, we will explore world mythology and help you find your inner deity.

Summer- All the Winged Things, Dragons and Angels and Fairies, Oh My!!

Fall: Ancestral Healing- featuring healers who work with the ancestors and group healing.

best way to stay tuned, either to come and play or to be a part of this is to follow this blog, or follow me on facebook.

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